Acer Aspire V5-431G

Acer Aspire V5-431G
Processor: Pentium Dual Core (2nd Generation)
Chipset: Intel HM70 Express 2MB 1.5GHz
8GB Expandable Memory 2GB DDR3 System Memory
HDD: 500GB Sata 5400RPM
DVDRW Drive for Acer Aspire V5-431G
64-bit Windows 7 Home Basic
14 inch Active Matrix TFT Colour LCD Display with HD LED Backlit
Intel HD Graphics 4000 128MB DDR3 Graphic
1.3 Megapixel WebCamera
Standard Keyboard
4 Cell Battery Backup. 65W AC Adapter

DVDRW Drive Burner for Acer Aspire V5-431G
The Acer Aspire V5-431G DVD drive (Compatible with: Acer Aspire V5-431 DVD Drive) makes the encounter with multimedia worlds simple. Reads DVDs at up to 18x. The playback of CD-ROMs is available with 48x. This is compatible with several disk formats: from DVD-R/DVD + R and + RW DVD-RW/DVD to photo and video CD.

Connection: Serial ATA
Colour: Black
DVD-ROM: 18 x
CD: 48 x
Read/Write DVD-RAM x 4

External Blu-ray Drive for Acer Aspire V5-171
External Blu-ray Combo Drive for Acer Aspire V5-171
External DVD Drive for Acer Aspire V5-171

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Replacement for original Panasonic UJ235A BD-RE Drive


Replacement for original Panasonic UJ235A BD-RE Drive

Replacement for original Panasonic UJ235A BD-RE Drive

The Panasonic UJ-235A is the first generation of Panasonic Slimline SATA Blu-ray Writers to offer read and write speeds of up to 4x. This drive replaces the UJ-225B. This Panasonic UJ235a drive carries a 1 year manufacturer warranty from date of purchase.

Features of Panasonic UJ235A BD-RE Blu-ray Drive:
Features BD-R XL Support for 100GB and 128GB Recordable Blu-ray discs
Slot Load Blu-ray Super Multi Burner reads and writes Blu-ray, DVD and CD discs
Fast Slimline SATA connection for new generation of Blu-ray optical disc drives (ODD)

Related Panasonic BD-ROM Drive:
UJ130 BD-ROM Drive, UJ130A BD-ROM Drive, UJ130AS BD-ROM Drive,

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Pioneer BDC-TD01 BD-ROM Drive, Pioneer BDC-TD01RS BD-ROM Drive, Pioneer BDC-TD01VA BD-ROM Drive, Pioneer BDC-TD02VA BD-ROM Drive,


Dell Inspiron N5050 DVDRW Drive not Working

Dell Inspiron N5050 DVDRW Drive Not Working

I was trying to burn something today with Imgburn, and I got this error: "I/O Error". it was working until I upgraded from vista to win 7, could it be a driver issue with my dvd drive? It's weird how it works just fine for reading, it just can't write.

Your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or not recognized by Windows or other programs, so you cannot play or access a CD or DVD. This issue might have occurred after you installed, Dell Inspiron 15 3520 DVD Drive uninstalled, or updated a program or you updated Windows.

Or, this issue may occur if one of the following conditions is true:
You upgrade the computer to Windows Vista or Windows 7
You install a Windows service pack
Dell Inspiron 1427 DVD Drive Burner
You install or uninstall a CD or DVD recording program
You uninstall Microsoft Digital Image
You may see one of the following error messages:
One of the following error messages appears when you view the CD drive or the DVD drive in Device Manager.

Error message 1
The device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device (Code 31). Dell Inspiron 14R 5420 dvd drive burner.
Error message 2
A driver for this device was not required, and has been disabled (Code 32 or Code 31).
Error message 3
Your registry might be corrupted. (Code 19)
An "error code 39" error message.
Dell Inspiron 1428 dvd drive burner
A message that resembles the following appears in the notification area:
Windows successfully loaded the device driver for this hardware but cannot find the hardware device. (Code 41)


Dell Precision M4600 CD-DVDRW Drive Burner

This Dell Precision M4600 DVD Burner features an 8x DVD+R write speeds, 4x DVD+RW rewrite speeds and 8x DVD read speeds. It also writes, rewrites, and reads CDs at 24x speeds. The 2 MB buffer and Buffer Under run Error Prevention technology delivers error free writing every time. Simply install this drive into your notebook's available optical bay and start creating movies, music CDs, and more! Order your Dell Precision M4600 notebook DVD burner today!

Product Name: 12.7mm Slim SATA DVD ROM JackBlack Optical Drive
Product Type: DVD-Reader
Optical Media Supported: DVD-ROM
Drive Interface: SATA
Maximum CD Read Speed: 24x
Maximum DVD Read Speed: 8x
Color: Black
Compatible with: Dell Latitude E6420 DVD Burner
Dell Latitude E6520 DVD Burner
Form Factor: Internal
Compatible Drive Bay Width: 5.25"
Compatible Drive Bay Height: Slimline

Dell Latitude E6320 DVD Burner
Dell Latitude E6410 DVD Burner


Dell Studio 1557 Overheating Problems

Problems: I bought my dell studio 1557 (Blu-ray drive player for studio 1557 / DVD Burner for Studio 1557 ) one years ago. A bit of days ago, When I playing or doing something that requires the power of the graphics card it starts raising its temperature and programs like Everest or MSI afterburner shows the graphics card working at 100ºC. I think this is risky for the laptop but that is not all. When the graphics card works at this temperature I cant play flawlessly because the graphic card starts throttling and this is very annoying.

Studio 1557 BD-ROM DVDRW Blu-Ray Drive
Studio 1557 CD DVD Drive Burner

Solutions: the solution doesn't involve buying a new power supply, because the BIOS in the computer won't recognize the additional power, and will continue to throttle the system down. what you may want to do is disconnect the computer from the power supply and run it off battery, to see whether the problems continue.

Blu-Ray Drive Burner for Studio 1558
Dell Studio 1558 DVD Burner


Problems with Dell Latitude E6520 DVD Drive

Questions: DVD drive for Dell Latitude E6520 does not work after an upgrade to Vista Operating System.
Dell Latitude E6520 DVD Burner
a. Edit the registry by clicking on Start->regedit in the Search box
b. You may have to enter the administrator password if requested
c. Click on the following key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
Blu-Ray Player Drive for Dell E6520
d. Verify that the default data value in the registry subkey is DVD/CD-ROM and the class data value is CDROM
e. In the right pane, right-click UpperFilters and then click Delete. Click Yes to confirm.
Dell E6520 Blu-ray Drive
f. In the right pane, right-click LowerFilters and then click Delete. Click Yes to confirm.
g. Restart the computer. If any CD recording programs refuse to work, you may have to re-install them
Dell 1555 DVD Burner
Dell 1555 Blu-Ray Drive Player


Dell Studio 1735 DVD Drive Problems

Dell Studio 1735 DVD Drive Problems
my dell studio 1735 dvd drive in my Dell Studio 1735 laptop doesn't work normally any more. It will not recognize any discs since I rebooted the laptop after it had crashed. After I rebooted the computer and tried to play The Sims 2, which I installed the day before the crash occurred, no AutoRun popped up like it usually would, and the Sims 2 was not recognized under the Dell Studio 1735 DVD RW Drive in the Computer folder. Mr.Fix did tell me that the DVDs/CDs I was using may of had not been the right format for the drive, and iTunes even had a message pop up saying:
The registry settings used by the drivers for importing and burning CDs and DVDs are missing. This can happen as a result of installing other CD burning software. Please reinstall iTunes"
Blu-ray Drive Burner for Dell Studio 1735

I would also like to note that I have no installed any CD burning software. Just the Sims 2, but it was running just fine the day before the crash occurred.
Internal blu-ray combo drive for dell studio 1735

Dell Studio 1737 Storage info & Blu-Ray Drive Info

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